Friday, June 20, 2008

Unrecognized Forex Owners

The owner of FPA

There is an effective yet a real quote that says “life is so small”. Actually, not all of us believe in it, but there are facts and actions in our daily life that may have a proof for it.

For instance, in our Forex Market we used to hear about scams and spammers, but are all what we hear real or fake? Who knows!!

Many if not all traders in Forex Market may hear about Forex Peace Army, the forums site that aims to make reviews about brokers, which are actually Fake Reviews. This site’s owner is known as Felix, but his real name is Coffman, the fact we attain recently. He owns many other sites of brokerage firms and forums, like MB Trading.

His black business begins to have an imprint in Forex Market, for there are many traders begin to be either afraid or hesitated from dealing with certain brokers, which are actually patent.

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