Friday, June 20, 2008

Felix Is Spamming His Members with This Shit About Dukascopy

Dears, Just look at the liquidity Dukascopy offers. In fact, it is biggest than ECN such as Hotstpot, Currenex or Lava. They have a really big liquidity, how can they have it? By the way, I confirm you that you can deal more than 25mio one click, which is not possible with any market maker. Please tell me how they can be so big. It seems that they have the biggest liquidity in the world, no other marketplace have more? please, if someone know, tell me. tks
2006-12-12 07:18:00 // Jeff Prattus
I admit I never traded with them but there is already slippage on the demo account which is pretty sad. Therefore I dont believe the 1.5 pip spread crap. The only orders they offer is stop and limit orders, no OCO, no If-Dones, etc. There is no way they can prove the liquidity by the way I dont know where you got that. There is no proof they are ECN either, if they have a few huge accounts they can hedge all positions against you and you’ll never know. 25 million in one click? My ass…btw, you wouldn’t even be here if you had enough money to make that kind of trade. actually you probably work there explaining the bs hotmail address. If someone has traded there for real and has some real info let me know what gives.
2007-01-09 08:09:00 // Noholdbars
I traded with them live, slippage and price manipulation on their platform, not excessively often, but its sad that they have a crappy platform and use such basic scam methods to make money. Whats for sure is its impossible to make money there. I lost 3K due to that shit and of course making money was really hard so I left. I found another Swiss broker that I’m going to try. O yeah ducascopy has a high minimum so they are sure they will nail you a good couple thousand before you leave. Bastards, stay away if you can.
2007-01-09 08:18:00 // noholdbars
By the way Ducascopy is not an ECN at all. You think a bank just takes in a 25 million dollar click? Keep dreaming, its a bucketshop like all the others, liquidity my ass. On top of it they say that they inputed funds for capital growth but thats bullshit, they just made a loan based on their platform they made, which is bad… good luck people if you have your cash in that shithole. I forgot my favorite “would you like to control your slippage option to reduce it or have lots of it?” pfffff. If only I knew all that before opening the account I would have had a laugh instead of a major deception. Cheers fellow traders and good luck!
2007-01-18 05:24:00 // Mike
Please, do not criticize such good and reputable company. There are few companies in the world able to provide service on institutional level, trading more than 50mio in one click, if you are not able to understand the difference and the technology level they provide to their clients, please do not comment. So, whoever you are, either a sales person of a market maker company or a retail trader, you should not mention such untrue information. I am trading with them, and get a perfect execution. For sure, it is not a market maker, so the concept what you see is what you get is impossible. You have to use function such as slipapge control or place bid/ask, but it is normal, because you trade in a centralized/decentralized marketplace, the SWFX-Swiss FX Marketplace. For more information, you can read \”eforex\” magazines, it will give you a better understanding of the FX industry. oct06: \”One click trading and the global liquidity\”. it will help you to understand the one click technology, which mean a one click in a marketplace vs. a market maker. jan07: \”Fight for liquidity, centralization vs decentralization\”. It will explain you technology of decentralize marketplace. jan07:\”Threat or opportunity for FX execution venue\”. It will give you an idea about the industry consolidation. As they provide access to marketplaces and banks, I do not understand why you try to treat them as a market maker who manipulates prices. Anyway, if you were a live client of Dukascopy, you would have been able to compare price and see that they are always providing same or better price than other marketplace, with same or more volume. Regarding the increase of capital, I do not even want to argue. Swiss Legislation talks by itself. Having said this, one has to consider the bad. Notrading platform is perfect, and the SWFX GUI is also not perfect. I do not like the way of placing bid/ask in the market. I hope they will modify it.
2007-01-19 05:27:00 // Pierre
High level of technology, huge liquidity and fast execution. Their idea of a back up solution via other marketplaces/banks is very good.
2007-01-25 04:32:00 // Farrell
:) last two guys seem to be employees in charge of levelling up the company image. Same poor English and a lots of keywords for SEO. Seems really shithole company since it is paying its employees for such forum talks instead of investing into proper software!!!
2007-02-08 06:57:00 // Ouchhhhh
Here is why I didn’t go with them: “Margin close (cut-off level) In case the available margin becomes negative Dukascopy has right but not the obligation to reduce client’s exposure fully or partially by closing existing positions or/and by opening new positions in opposite direction. Usually the system reduces automatically the exposure at a level when equity is equal to negative available margin.” Basicly they do whatever they want to your account, close good positions, let the bad ones make you sink even lower and more… welcome to wiped out accounts. It explains why they allow hedging too. Nice way to take out clients, its the first bucketshop I see with such a developped method. pffff
2007-02-13 07:43:00 // Bob
sorry to say, but for me the margin policy was the exact reason why I choose them. They are more close to their clients, they follow them. Normal, they deal with big clients, and do not want to close automatically big positions in the market. When clients are close to MC, they can give clients flexibility and space. Excellent.
2007-02-13 07:50:00 // Thierry
thanks to Mike for the magazine reference. There are very interesting articles on the FX industry.
2007-02-16 00:10:00 // Jason
It is bad not to be able to place bid/ask in the market for amount less than 250k but execution and liquidity are good.
2007-02-20 00:52:00 // Yan
Good access to SWFX. Good liquidity
2007-02-21 11:27:00 // Pablo
Really transparent. Nice execution when using bid/ask or slippage control.
2007-02-27 03:46:00 // Richard
Demo is slow.. but live is very good. Strange, they should work on their demo if they want more clients, because their live is really fast. Richard
2007-03-08 00:17:00 // 4xtrader
Noholdbars … I bet you loose money where ver you go and with any broker - learn to trade you fool. People that complain about a true interbank broker simpply cannot trade.
2007-03-08 02:28:00 // Robin
guys, you can test it, you will enjoy… they have the biggest liquidity.
2007-03-13 10:15:00 // Emmanual
Richard, I do not agree, demo is good. did they change their demo server?? Anyway, many thanks to you guys, your comments has helped me to understand how they achieve to be so big. It has helped me to understand their exe. Tks
2007-03-19 05:04:00 // Christopher
Not bad. Good company and good people. They are very big, but at same time very close to their clients.
2007-03-21 00:19:00 // TomJ
Incredible how this company manage world liquidity. Really good business model. Congratulation. Bad point: you do not give access to retail clients. It would be good for them to understand difference between Marketplace and Marketmaker and to be able to trade in a Marketplace.
2007-03-26 00:13:00 // Patrick G
Maybe too strict in compliance, but I can understand. The rest is very good.

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