Friday, June 20, 2008

Tom Yeomans Scam Warning

Tom Yeomans Scam Warning

Nowadays FPA (Forex Peace Army) becomes one of the most famous websites that makes reviews about brokers in Forex Market. And actually all of you must be aware of their real intuitions after reading our bogs, which are certainly formed after many investigations about them.

There has been found that FPA was making many advertises for a guy called, Tom Yeomans Fraud, for his educational site and signal provider. And here is their review about him:

Felix Homogratus, USA

“I am very excited to have found this website. Jimmy Young is supposedly Tom Yeoman’s mentor and Tom is a very profitable trader! I am going to be looking to learn from this guy, and be posting a real review later.”

What is ridiculous here is that Tom Yeomans is a big Fraudster!!! And this is actually not a surprising fact about FPA reviews, for almost all their reviews are considered as scams.

If once any one tries to search about his reviews, he will find many scam reviews about him. It seems like all Forex Market’s reviews about him are nothing but scams, except for FPA.

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