Friday, June 20, 2008

Adam Pecherski - Fraud Case Against AVAFX.COM

Felix has sent the following email today to all his paying members:
Hi everyone, Felix here.
We have a case to report about a broker that has been thought of as an honost broker until today.
The story below was sent to us by Adam, one nice member who experienced what can be decribed as a pure theft, read and judge:
Dear Felix,
I am now official victim of Avafx. They gave back only my initial deposit of 15,600 usd but refused to get back my profit of 31,4k. They are trying to make bandit of me.
Two days before transferring of my money, they informed me I’m responsible for scalping activity in their company. I was told that somebody who has all my personal data did scalping activity in their company. They refuse to give me copy of this correspondence. They also informed me I made threatening activity towards other brokers - the most stupid thing I ever heard. I feel like international terrorist although i’m honest man. I was also insult and threaten by them - they go legal against me. My money was stolen - although they say they gave back all my money. In the latest chat they officially confirmed, my account is canceled and I won’t get rest of my funds. Last mail from them:

Your account has been totally suspended from their trading severs and you are not a welcomed client in Avafx trading servers any more due to the scalping activities you have been performing during last weeks and these activities represent a clear violation of trading agreement
Your case has been closed when they sent you your due funds after estimating the risk scope cause by your activities as clearly mentioned in the live account trading agreement signed and approved by you upon opening your live trading account
For your reference find below some key issues from the trading agreement signed and approved by you upon opening your live trading account
We Preserve the right to ban any Customer from its trading platform, suspend any
accounts temporarily or permanent at any circumstances where the account was suspected to perform one or more of the following forbidden activities:
h. Security threatening activities.
i. Any other scalping activities that threatens us, its customers, business partners and counter parties.

Our risk management office has the right to estimate the risk scope and calculate the remaining funds to be paid out to the Customer after suspension. ForexGen has the sole right to cover its losses caused by the over mentioned activities prior to the suspension.
This e-mail will be considered as final settlement from Avafx and this issue has been officially closed

I’m honest man and going to fight for my money - can you advise anything?

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