Friday, June 20, 2008

I Was Personally Fooled by Felix, The Bastard, From ForexPeaceArmy

I was fooled to use their signals, lost all my money after following their signals, and when i returned to them for help, they offered to get me my money back from the broker using their own way. the price was half the money. I was stupid enough to accept that as i was hopeless after my big loss.

I have been dragged to a fight between ForexPeaceArmy and the broker. FPA asked me to post that the broker has scammed me on many blogs and forums. They also asked me to send an email to the broker many times every day claiming that i was scammed.

In the middle of the battle, Felix called me asking for 2000$ up front to continue the fight, and threatened me to let me down with the broker if I refused.

At this moment, i discovered how stupid I was, and pulled out.
FPA showed no responisbilty what so ever for the fact that their signal was the reason for the loss in the first place.

Using unethical methods to blackmeil the broker to cover the loss never felt the right thing to do for me, and I really regret it. I have given up the case and told the broker all about what happened. To my surprise, they thanked me and rewarded me for honosty with a little deposit that I’m using now to trade, without the fake signals from FPA (Rob Grespit’s) of course.

I know many brokers are bad, but FPA is the worst thing on the forex market, watch out for these unhonost people.

I was googling for forexpeacearmy and found this blog that tell many stories about the forex market and FPA

These blogs are also showing many strange things in the forex industry, and most of them involve ForexPeaceArmy scams in a way or another

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