Friday, June 20, 2008

FX Solutions and AVAFX Secrets

About FX Solutions and AVAFX Secrets

There is no doubt that in any field there are many branches. In Forex Market, there are banks, brokers, investors, traders, clients, etc… The main thing that differs a broker from the other is its reliability and credibility.

Among that enormous numbers of brokers there appear FX Solutions and AVAFX, two brokerage firms. Concerning FX Solutions, we found in this company profile that it has been existed since 2001 and its activity has began to run since 2003, while you can actually and easily know that it has been known among traders and brokers since 2006. Also, the owner of FX Solutions is the brother in law of the Bastards’ Master, Felix or Coffman, and this company is registered in the States, which is their mother country. And the emergence of FX Solutions accompanies the emergence of Forex Bastards, which was changed to be Forex Peace Army.

On the other hand, AVAFX- a well known brokerage firm- is registered in Tel Aviv. Both of these two brokers are affirmed by FPA as the best brokerage firms to deal with and they give them the highest rank in their reviews.

So, there is an obvious link here between these three angles of the same triangle. But only he who wants to see the truth will notice it.

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