Friday, June 20, 2008

Blood Over The Counter

Vanishing of Millions?!!!

Artificiality seems to play a domain role in our Forex Market, and it has its professional players. Those players have been introduced to you previously aiming that truth may prevail one day.

To begin our story we should first introduce the history of FX Solution. we found in this company profile that it has been existed since 2001 and its activity has began to run since 2003, while you can actually and easily know that it has been known among traders and brokers since 2006. Also, the owner of FX Solutions is the brother in law of the Bastards’ Master, Felix or Coffman, and this company is registered in the States, which is their mother country. And the emergence of FX Solutions accompanies the emergence of Forex Bastards, which was changed to be Forex Peace Army.

There has been found among FX Solution’s trades an account that was opened by a millionaire with millions of dollars as a live account. But what seems to be obscure here is that after opening this accounts and sending funds this millionaire has been disappeared, and no body knows where he has gone!!!

Certainly, this millionaire is not a mad man to throw this huge amount of money on air like this and leave them without even canceling it. There seems an obvious riddle that may any one has the key to solve it.

The News will be released after contacting the family & all the relations between this guy & FxSol will be published in the Blog

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