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Coffman (Felix) and Tom Yeomans…Two Faces of the Same Coin

Coffman (Felix) and Tom Yeomans…Two Faces of the Same Coin

There is an obvious fact that Felix and Tom Yeomans are two faces of the same coin exactly like EUR/USD pair. And for that it seems to be the real reason behind naming their website as

And here is a link for a blog that shows Felix and Tom’s scams.

If it quacks like a duck…

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Talking about ‘potential’ scams, here is a little one fresh off the press that I received in my inbox this morning:

Now, a few interesting things about this one:

  • The email was sent by ‘Felix Homogratus’, an individual who obviously uses a nickname to run his business. His real name is Dmitri Chavkerov. My gut tells me that there is something fishy about running a business under a nickname but maybe that’s just me.
  • ‘Felix’ runs a few sites, one of those is According to Felix “ForexBastards was founded in January of 2006, after I literally couldn’t handle getting screwed any longer. Learning how to trade forex I went through several forex brokers, a few different trading signals providers and used multiple forex educational training services; some brilliant, some useless and some down right horrible.”. For some reason I get the feeling that his Yacht Seminar is a typical example of the types of scams his website was meant to expose.
  • The speakers include Felix’s partner, Rob Grespinet. According to the agenda, “If he feels like it, [Rob] will share with the participants the “inner talk” and “big boys outlook” on the forex market over the next year. Otherwise, we’ll just have to enjoy his profanity and witty humor.”. Have you ever been to a seminar where one of speakers may or may not participate depending on his mood on that day? Interesting character…
  • Now the piece de resistance is the other two speakers: Skip Atwater and Marty Rosenblatt. Those guys are supposedly experts in ‘Remote Viewing’. Now I have to admit that I had to look up ‘Remote Viewing’ because I had no idea what that meant. I thought that maybe it was the name of a new fancy indicator or strategy but I came to find that remove viewing (RV) is “is a protocol used in consciousness research where a viewer attempts to gather sense impressions and “knowingness”, non-sensorial information, about a target.” So basically we are talking about telepathy or clairvoyance in trading the Forex?!?! How desperate are we getting here? What’s next, opening a ‘channel’ to Jesse Livermore to ask him for tips?
  • The last speaker is ‘anonymous’ and I quote “He wants to keep his identity unknown before the seminar”. Come on…people using nicknames, others using clairvoyance, and this last one the enigmatic speaker who wants to remain incognito. Is it a trading seminar or a masquerade? Is there really a difference? I am starting to wonder.
  • As another test, let’s go back to the CFTC warnings and let’s see how many apply to this ‘invitation’:
    • Stay away from opportunities that seem too good to be true”. In Felix’s own words: “I can teach you a trading system that in my experience can easily make you into a forex millionaire in 3 years or less”. Now here note the word ‘EASILY’, ‘MILLIONAIRE’, and ‘3 YEARS’. Too good to be true? I also always like when systems promise to make you plenty of money with extremely little effort. Two beautiful examples in this invitation. First from Felix himself ” I’ll be honest with you, because of this way of trading, I am starting to become very lazy, and I am actually sleeping through a lot of the news announcements that I used to trade short term.” Next from Skip Atwater: “The technique takes 1 hour per day, 5 days per week, and it has made this guy millions”.
    • Be Sure You Get the Company’s Performance Track Record”. In Felix’s own words again “[Rob Grespinet] is a heavy weight financial giant, and most people will never be able to comprehend the level of connections this guy has. Just being in this guy’s presence is an honor”….Ok, what is HIS performance track record? Numbers please! About Skip Atwater: “he will be teaching a simple technique he has been using over the years. The technique takes 1 hour per day, 5 days per week, and it has made this guy millions.” So this guy is going to teach me how to use psychic abilities to make money in the market? Show me a trading journal here, show me a trading account statement! Quantify this guy’s trading system’s expectancy! Last but not least: “this is Felix writing, and if you know me, you should know by now that I don’t throw empty words into thin air”. Actually Felix I don’t know you, at all! Actually it’s only by googling ‘Felix Homogratus’ that I was able to find your real name. Maybe you’ve made millions but for all I know none of it was made through trading, maybe you have made all this money scamming retail traders.

Ok, I have already wasted enough time analyzing this email. My only point is that there are plenty of emails like this one finding their way in my inbox every single day, making incredible promises, telling me that there is a system out there that could make me millions by just working one hour a day, and to be honest I not only don’t believe any of them but I have to come to find them insulting. As individuals who are entering the retail trading world, this is what we are exposed to. We have to be vigilant, extremely vigilant.


  1. Hey great post, I think Felix is a scammer too!

I sometimes test Forex services and I tried Felix’s service. They claim to have a 1 pip spread on GBP/JPY and they go for profits of 5 pips. Most people have a 6+ pip spread on the pair so when he claims 5 pips profit to people with a real spread its -5 pips!!

I made a YouTube video of me posting a negative comment about one of his services and how it never made it onto his review section. Check it out:

Also I am going to link to my review section (hope thats ok??) it is non-biased and I do not manipulate results:


Comment by Nick b — November 28, 2007 @ 2:42 am

  1. Felix or Dmitri Chavkerov is a scammer

check out latest news of Dmitri and his girlfriends arrest by ICE.,0,7556610.story?coll=chi_home_class

Comment by felix is a scammer — December 9, 2007 @ 8:40 pm

  1. Learn to read. The arrest was of was Felix’s girlfriend and her temporary husband, not Felix.

How does helping his GF break immigration rules change Felix’s work in Forex?

Comment by Say What? — December 13, 2007 @ 3:04 pm

  1. To the person above me, I have this to say:

It may have been his girlfriend, but who was the, ahem, ordained minister that conducted the ceremony? Also, while only supposition, who do you think was the mastermind behind the scheme and the one paying the sham husband for this indecent proposal? Hmm, makes ya think now, doesn’t it? This entire escapade was clearly an attempt to circumvent immigration laws and manipulate circumstances to his own advantage regardless of those incidental things like law, ethics and morals! Says a lot about his character, doesn’t it? And if he sees no wrong in doing stuff like that, it makes you wonder how above board other aspects of his life are or is it just me that thinks the subject heading to this blog is extremely fitting?

‘His’ work in forex, for example, tell me what that is exactly? He has presented nothing original of his own as far as I can see. His one true ability is that of very talented marketeer and it cannot be denied him. He can take other peoples’ trading ideas and present them to a wide audience with an uncanny ability. He doesn’t care who he shats on to get there though.

Case in point:

He was fortunate enough to be part of Tom Yeomans’ old core news trading group (which I was also part of) and he saw the potential there for milking the old goat. Despite the overwhelming majority of Tom’s students warning him that it would ruin the strategy, Tom’s greed got the better of him and he went into short term business with Dmitri anyway. What happened? It ruined the strategy! Not before both of them made a killing from the selling of the info though. Poor old Tom was not competent enough to have any kind of decent back up plan (his news trading technique was itself pilfered from Jimmy Young) and has had to resort to selling other peoples’ software since parting company. There were some very bright people in his group though and one of them - Safwan Hak - developed a way to automate the spike trading to its fullest potential - a necessity after the deluge of new news traders subsequent to Dmitri’s ‘Freedom Forex’ marketing machine made the old strategy redundant. Saf is a highly intelligent programmer and his prototype software was given freely to all the members of the original core group. Not one to miss a trick, Dmitri got his own friend/programmer, Rob Allen, to make a copy of what Saf had done and that is essentially what you see today marketed as the so called ‘Secret News Weapon’. Incidentally, Saf and others were jettisoned from the group, ostensibly for stealing Dmitri’s client list, but the real truth is that Safwan had far more to him of practical worth and was threatening to steal Dmitri’s central spotlight. We couldn’t have that now, could we? Dmitri and his new band of acolytes will deny this vehemently, but those that were actually there at the time know only too well that this was indeed the case.

The Forexbastards site (now known as the ludicrous ‘Forexpeacearmy&rsquo ;) started off as a very good idea and although it is impossible for anyone other than Dmitri himself to tell you if the intention behind it was genuinely honorable and meant to expose the corruption that goes on in this industry, or whether it was an elaborate ploy from the beginning to ultimately use as a platform from which to sell to an established and trusting (naive?) public, is anyones guess. What can be said with certainty is that it was another example of where his true genius lies - MARKETING! As the story goes, a subscriber to the Forexbastards signals gave word to him about a Mr Claude Grespinet, who allegedly was another hotshot trader. Dmitri wormed his way into Claude’s circle and before you can say, “Vladdy Vladivostok”, a new signal service was born! Opinion is divided as to the usefulness of this service, but when it comes to trying to give negative views about it on his own Forexbastards site, I need point you no further than Nick B’s video on YouTube.

There are numerous other stories along these lines, but the aforementioned make up the bulk of the history.

In summation then, I put this question to the guy above: Does all of THIS change how you view ‘Felix’s work’???

What I can’t understand is that given Homo-boy’s amazing powers of foresight, mystically enhanced no less with the power of remote viewing, how he couldn’t have seen the consequences of his actions in this marriage debacle? To quote that great philosopher of our time, Homer Simpson, “Doh!”!!!

Merry Christmas and remember, don’t let those bastards take your money!

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