Friday, June 20, 2008

Felix Attacks Dukascopy for The Third Time In One Year

Felix wrote:

Dukascopy is an interesting case. Is it a fraud which is so good that one of our regular amateur detectives thinks it is genuine? Or is Kaspar right when he says Dukascopy is a red herring?

Let us just say it is rather dubious…
Here is what we know, or think we know:

Dukascopy comprises:
- Dukascopy Trading Technologies Corporation, registered in the British Virgin Islands. ( and
- Dukascopy (Suisse) SA, registered in Geneva in Oct 2004, with the name Dukascopy since Mar 2005. (
That’s all, although the 9 languages on the web site certainly creates an impression of being a big international organisation.

However, there are no addresses in any other country except the two already mentioned. The contacts given on the English language pages are E.Karayev and G.Lungu, with UK mobile phone numbers. The French language page gives no names, and Karayev’s UK mobile number. The German language page gives the name Olga Soerries and a German mobile number. The Spanish language page gives a number in Argentina!

Do you start to lose confidence in this being a large international organisation? (Apart from in the sense that the Russian mafia is a large international organisation!)

The Dukascopy Trading Technologies Corp site mentions that client trading accounts are guaranteed by Dukascopy (Suisse) SA - but what is that worth? That company has only been in existence since a few months!

One other thing: an internet search for Dukascopy gives very few results except for Dukascopy’s own web sites. If it was an entirely legitimate organisation, surely we would except to find mentions of them elsewhere, for example on other web sites using Dukascopy data feed?

Let’s just say I wouldn’t send them any money!


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Anonymous said...

From my knowledge they have just 2 oficces. One in Geneva and one somwhere is Estern Europe for IT support. They are pretting to big the big company, but the quality of the service are very low. Probably they support the front oficce from India. I was unable to understand them.