Friday, June 20, 2008

Scammed by Alpari - Another Blackmail from ForexPeaceArmy

My name is Adam Pecherski, many of you know me from my reviews about my own experience with scam brokers.

As you know I had a very bad experience with InterbankFX Forex Broker, in my opinion they scammed me and many other traders, and not only 1 time… If you want to trade seriously please avoid this Broker!!

Well, I like a lot the mt4 platform and although most of Brokers using it are only bucketshops (if I had a good amount of money I would change to an ECN broker) you will find that some of them can be more honest than others.

I spent many time searching and surfing Forums, websites, Blogs, etc to know about other mt4 brokers and I found Alpari to be the best in all comments. So I thought to open a demo and a real account with them. After probing the demo account before then I began to trade with the real account.

I am greatly surprised. The spreads are low (gbp/usd:3, eur/jpy:3, gbp/jpy:7…) and with all the volatility of these days I have not seen Alpari increasing the spreads or the server frozen/stopped and I am trading a lot in different hours!!

So in my experience until now Alpari is great.

The bad thing: they are only accepting bank transfers and so you must pay a high comission when you deposit (from your local Bank and then a little more from Alpari due to the Bank that they use). But they are thinking to accept debit/credit cards in the future.

I will keep you updated about this Broker.

Another Fake Signal from Felix Has Just Came

Hi there

This is Felix writing. I wanted to share with you my outlook for the month of June, 2008.

I just recently sent in an order to my bank to go short on GBP/CHF. In my opinion, considering the current circumstances, the strongest currency out of the 8 majors is Swiss Frank, and the weakest is Great British Pound.

I actually initially called a short on GBP/CHF back in December of 2007. During that time, everybody was being crazy about shorting GBP/ JPY, which was definitely a good thing, but I remember talking over the telephone with my partner Sir Pipsalot, who is running the service, and I told him that I think a short on GBP/ CHF is even better than a short on GBP/JPY.

Well, to make the long story short, in 2008, on global scale, Swiss Frank gained 7.19%, and Great British Pound lost -3.07%. In comparison to Swiss Frank, the Yen only gained 0.48%.

Yep, it seems like everybody was talking about the strong Euro and strong Aussie in 2008, but in reality, Swiss Frank outperformed them both. Here are the detailed statistics on all 8 currencies:

CHF: +7.19%
AUD: +5.72%
EUR: +4.08%
JPY: +0.48%
USD: -2.32%
GBP: -3.07%
CAD: -5.18%
NZD: -5.19%

Looking at these statistics, you may be wondering how in the world I came up with these numbers? Well, the way I came up with them is I compared each currency against the 7 other currencies, then I derived an average from that. This way, we can not only know how a currency performed against one other currency, but we can know the average against all the other 7 majors.

I actually requested a programmer to build me a calculator to do that. This way I could see in one snapshot the overall picture for today or yesterday, or for last week, or last month, or any custom date. And we are actually going to offer this calculator as free tool for our ForexPeaceArmy community. Wait for an announcement on that sometime this month. I believe this tool would improve your trading.

Anyway, sorry about that, it seems like I got a bit carried away here. Let’s go back to our GBP/CHF short.

Here is the situation. The UK economy has been put in a tough situation. Their inflation is going up, while their overall economy is slowing down. So there has been a lot of uncertainty about the UK interest rate which is at 5.00%, which is still very high, comparing to the rest of the world.

So what has happened, is in the month of June, GBP has actually gained value, because there were speculations of further rate hikes. You may be surprised to hear that, because it seems like GBP/USD is going down. The reason it’s going down is that US dollar has gained even more value than GBP. But if you compare GBP against all the other 7 majors, and derive an average, it’s actually gained around 1.06%, just in 10 days, which is a lot.

So to make the long story short, the market is currently pricing in rate hikes from the UK, which are highly unlikely, so if there is a cut in the next 3 months, it would be a big surprise, and the pound will lose a lot of value.

On the other hand, the Swiss government seems to be very happy about their interest rate of 2.75%, and the market is still pricing a possible cut by the end of the year. Regardless of it, the CHF has gained 1% in May, and already gained 1.86% in June comparing to the average of the other 7 majors.

So we are definitely seeing a solid trend of falling pound, and solid trend of rising Swiss Frank. Please note that the pound is falling, despite their high interest rate, and if they cut, it would only aggravate the fall. On the other hand, the Swiss Frank is rising, despite the fact that there are talks about possibility of rate cut by the end of the year. So if they decide to stay on hold, or even hike, it would only put fuel into already rising frank.

I hope I am making sense here, and of course once that calculator is posted, you will be able to have a very invaluable tool to your trading.

That’s all I have to say for this month. Next month, July, one of my friends who is managing a fund of several hundred million promised to write up his take on the forex market I personally look forward to that analysis.

What do you think about what I said about Pound and Frank? I’d love to hear your feedback and your 10 cents on the issue.



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