Monday, November 24, 2008

With Felix, Your Money Is Gone With The Wind

Continuing the series of Felix projects on the web, there is another website added to Felix's catalog. It is not announced there that it is owned by him(though it is the biggest aspect of scam), but it can be read between lines. This website known as Spartan Forex Fund,

Felix main intention behind building this website was to gather more wealth. Spartan Forex Fund activity is to make clients open accounts and take regular profit of 16% on their account balance. This is too much similar to a bank account, in which clients put their deposit and take regular profits from it. It can be considered as private investment, but Felix knew well how to handle his business for his advantage.

Now if you visit this url you will find it closed. The website is close for violating privacy laws of Switzerland while they are originally located in USA! Even in times of defeat Felix knows how to keep eyes away from him. The server really locates in USA, and it is written now in the website homepage that it is appended to Switzerland.

The website activity was ended due to discovering its real immoral activity. They intend to open accounts for clients and give them a certain percentage over it. But what happens after an actual period is that they suspend their accounts and there is neither a profit nor a deposit, meaning that clients lose all their money. So after a certain period, the website ended its activity for the reason published on the homepage (or may be Felix has become sated with the money he gained).

The strange thing here is that, this Spartan Forex Fund appears to be like a financial partner, but there is no single evidence that they have a money management agreement or any partnership agreement with any broker or financial institution. So how can it be? Or how traders could trust them and put their money there?

Isn't it enough for now to know all these scam cases of Felix and his partners? What are you waiting for to happen more than that? I think nothing worse could happen than succeeding in making a mafia online disguised behind a curtain where nobody can be able even to notice their black magic effects!

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