Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Continuous SCAM Game

Another trick of the professional scammer who became more famous than Ariel Sharon!

FPA scammers are always in search for every new lie to make non-stop propaganda for themselves on the behalf of others. They meet, compose their new story, then publish it and try to convince innocent traders with it, claiming that all their purpose is just to help them avoiding scams while they are themselves the biggest scams!
During our usual investigations about them, we find their latest scam release up here. But what happened?? From a little period, Forex Peace Army website was so difficult to load for a couple of days. So, Felix and his duds imagined a story and believed it. They wrote that they were under attack during those two days so that no one couldn't enter the website. And they make mean reasons behind what had happened to them, and use innocent victims as usual to be their target in their new scam case.
First, they charge PoltekFX that they were the main reason behind the attack happened to them, which is in doubt of being true, and that is why no one could not log in to the website. They claim that the attack was from Russia, but wowww… Should any attack comes from Russia be from PoltekFX?! So, G.Bush should take care then from PoltekFX. What shaken nonsense chitchat here! All what we have is just words, nothing more. They keep on saying that PoltekFX penetrates their computers with virus and so could make their website fall. And still no proofs till now.
Then, they shift to their second target in this case and start charging ForexGen with making blogs against them. But, why ForexGen and for what purpose it shall be? Then, they write: "One of these blogs had some lies about Etoro. When an Etoro representative contacted the blog author, he tried to blackmail Etoro, demanding money to remove the lies. We can't prove that this blog is one of the ones directly controlled by ForexGen, but this sort of criminal behavior would be in character for a company that regularly steals from traders." Well, still no proofs till now but babble. But what is strange here is that we find the design of Forex Peace Army, MB Trading, and Etoro is the same as if one technical designer has made these websites. You can open the three websites and see, for nothing has become strange these days.
Eventually, they find another crime to fabricate to ForexGen. They claim that ForexGen has sent thousand spam messages to FPA members, they write: "Many of the messages were attempts to register FPA WebPages with different companies, and all the companies recorded as the IP of the computer that submitted the requests. We were not surprised to find that this IP is from Norway. ForexGen is also from Norway. This isn’t proof they did it, but we find this very suspicious." But this time their lie is inadequate. They write "ForexGen is also from Norway" and the fact is totally opposing to it. How they can make up those lies which are without proofs and wait from people to believe and take their devilish side!
FPA keeps on charging great companies with fake and illusionary cases aiming for bringing them down. But the fact is clear that they are hiding their failure with another big, filth failure. They create angelic masks hiding their devilish appearance behind them, but couldn't hide their behavior. So, what do you think the new upcoming story shall be? Longing for my sleepy story…

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