Monday, November 24, 2008

Felix Latest Scenario

Are you from those movie admirers? If you are, so when was the last time you went to cinema? Don't be worry, the last movie has finally came. But there is a surprise here, you haven't to go to the cinema and reserve a ticket! because it will come to you wherever you are! Can you believe this? You can open your mail now and see.

The movie scenario will be sent to you and here you are the movie cast:

Location: FPA website
The author: Felix
The criminal: Felix
The victim: You
The director: Felix

And here you are the scenario as it is sent by Felix (the movie creator):

"This is Felix writing. I am a full time forex investor and the founder of Forex Peace Army. I have something very important to share with you that can either MAKE OR BREAK your forex learning and your forex trading success.

Running website for the last few years has been a very interesting experience, because it has made me realize all the corruption that's going on in the forex world.

It's by far the most corrupt industry I ever encountered. I can't even tell you how many times I have seen brokers, big and small, refusing to release profits to traders, or outright stealing their money by registering fake losing trades on their account.

There are also have been many occasions of forex signals companies reporting fake performance.

There are companies who sell forex software that doesn't work, and they know it, so every few months when the word gets around, they repackage it and change the label of that software, and continue selling it, as if it's something new.

Forex Peace Army has a very large membership base, and we get lucrative offers from companies large and small all the time, offering us 50% of the profit in their business and more, just so that we could recommend them.

It would be very easy money for me to send you such offers every few weeks. Let these companies do the work, and I can collect the hassle free check from them. I refuse to do it, because I have a very critical mind, and lots of forex experience, so I see right through all the bullshit that these companies try to offer.

Some of them are even ranked 4 or 5 stars by Forex Peace Army members, but I find that many people leaving reviews are very naive, because they don't judge the company by the amount of money they made with their product. Instead, they judge them by the charisma of their educator.

Over the last few years, I personally started several "forex education" services. I even ran one of them myself. The common trait between all the services I started was that the educator was giving live trades to people, and he was explaining the reason for his trades. This way the performance of the educator was pure and legitimate, and people could learn by example instead of by some bullshit forex theories. In addition to that, the people could make money by copying the educator's trades, while they learned the ropes.

To be quite honest with you, there has always been a problem offering such services to people. The problem was that the educators running these services, including myself, were full time traders, and had the luxury of watching the market around the clock, anytime they wished. But the people that were signing up for the services had other jobs, and had lots of trouble finding time to follow the educator consistently.

In August 2008, something very interesting happened. I was talking to a friend of mine, who like me, has been trading forex for a very long time, and who mostly has been making his trading decisions based on economic news that come out from different countries. We were just talking, and I casually was asking him how much money he has been making, how much time he has been spending, what his average winner and loser have been. So he started giving me all of his statistics, and to be quite honest, I thought that he was bullshitting me.

Since we were friends, I told him that I think he is full of shit, and I don't believe his statistics. So he felt offended, and gave me login and password to his live account. I looked at his real account statements, and realized that the guy was telling the truth. I wasn't impressed with the guy's account size, it was a little over $100,000, and most successful traders and investors that I know manage millions. But the point was that his trading statistics, in terms of the results for the amount of time he was spending trading were the best I've ever seen. They were much better than my own.

So I told the guy that we can really capitalize on his amazing trading skills, and he can very quickly build up his trading account by sharing his trades with other people, and teaching them the way he trades. He agreed to give it a shot, and I let him issue his trades and explanations in one of my live online conference room in front of around 50 people. What can I say...over the last two months, the room attendance increased from 50 to 100 people, simply because people started telling their friends about this guy.

This guy started sharing his live trades and education in front of people since September 3, 2008, and through November 12th, 2008, he is currently up 2164 pips. But that's not the best part. The best part is that he only trades from 2:00 am to 3:45 am New York Time, and then from 06:00 am to 07:45 am New York Time. 70% of his trades happen between 2:00 am to 3:45 am NY Time, and the other 30% happen from 06:00 am to 07:45 am NY Time. So it's only 1 hour and 45 minutes per session.

And like I said, this is not just another black box signals service. Every time the guy places a trade, it's mostly based on market sentiment, and economic situation of the countries. So every time a trade is placed, an explanation is given. This way you only place trades if they make sense to you, and you learn to do what he does. He holds nothing back, so you can go ahead, and learn the ropes from him, and then do the same thing on your own.

He types in the online conference room every trade, and every explanation, and we keep records of that in the members area, so if you ever miss a trading session, you can go back, and check what happened.

As I like to say, money talks, bullshit walks. So I am not going to "pump you up" to try or to buy this service. All you have to do is see detailed performance of this guy, and "pump yourself up" if you wish. I am going to give you a link to the performance, and you will see that there is an offer to try this service for $29 for 10 days. Don't click those trial buttons, because since you are a Forex Peace Army member, I wanted to let you try the service for 10 days for only $7, instead of $29. And if you like it, you can stay for $299/month after your trial. If you don't like it, you can even ask for your $7 back. Obviously I am not interested in your $7, as much as I am interested that you see for yourself that everything I told you in this email is true, and you can become a member of this service for $299/month.

So here is the performance link:

As you read through the website, you will notice that we keep this trader's identity secret. We just call him "Mr. X". There are important reasons for this, but I don't think it's important for me to tell you those reasons.

Also, some of the people who have been trading with Mr. X over the last 2 months have submitted reviews. So if you wish to get their perspective on the situation, you can read them here:

Okay, I think I have told you everything I wanted to say in this email. The only thing left is a $7 special trial link. DO NOT CLICK ON THIS LINK just yet. Let me first tell you the way it's set up. I only want Forex Peace Army members to sign up for this discounted trial. So, this link will expire this Friday, November 14th at 11:00 pm NY Time. In addition to this, this link is programmed in such way that as soon as you click on it, you will have 30 MINUTES TO SIGN UP. After 30 minutes, the link will expire, and you won't be able to access it through your computer again.

So make sure that if you want the $7 trial, you are ready to pay with your credit card within 30 minutes. Please also note that the way the trial is setup, is that after 10 days, if you don't cancel it, you will start getting billed $299/month automatically. So if you don't like the service within 10 days, make sure to contact us through the form on, and request cancellation of your membership.

If you wish to receive your $7 back, you can also mention it in your request. Of course, if somehow you forget, and you are late a few days to cancel the trial, so you get billed $299, we will refund you that fee. My intention is not to get money from accidental forgetting here. My intention is to find people that can trade during these times, so that they become legitimate members who actually use the service.

Okay, that's all I have to say about is the $7 trial (it will expire in 30 minutes after you click on it, read above)"

Woow..woow...woow, it is so impressive. Did you see how it is written in an impressive way? What A wonderful Forex Community! Is there any doubt about it?

For Sure after reading that mail, all of us have to remember the old movies and notice the new scenes and affections that Felix has added in his long movie that will end with a big SCAM! 30 minutes and this post will make a BOMB. SO be careful while reading to avoid BOMBING there.

In commenting on this scenario, you can categorize this story under a fairy tale or a science fiction story where there are a lot of non- logical events and it is very far from reality. After reading this mail well, how you can believe that Felix got the login and password of a live account of a friend of him. Even if he was his friend, how this friendship can reach the limit of denying personal rights to the extent that he gave him the login and password of his own live account, and for what?

For Felix not believing him. A worse action for a worse cause! And imagine what? After Felix getting amazed of his friend statistics, he helped him to become instructor and famous too! And all what Felix wants is the benefit of all people that he makes them offer (you can think it is free) to try the service of his friend (which was Felix's idea) for $7 and get them back if you didn't like it! And besides, if you don't request them in your mail (and he used the term "if you wish" which is so ironic, and we all know that the expression "wish" indicates the two possibilities) of ending your membership in the service, they will start bail you of $299 automatically!! So, people please, please don't forget mentioning your $7 please, instead you will lose them forever and will be obliged to pay the double of 5 times double of them.

But what about you? will you accept the role of victim or will you leave this role in this new movie and lose the chance to become a movie star and may be taking the Oscar too for playing the role of the fool who is fooled by the biggest criminal mind in the web! I think when issues come to money, you have to think more than twice.

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