Monday, November 24, 2008

Want A Disaster? Call FPA!!
Experiencing Forex trading is not easy to consider yourself that pro in a short time. And to have a good knowledge of the market and its components, you deserve to have a long time of experience to be fully aware of what may affect he market. And above all, it is important to be aware in cases like Forex brokers reviews, like those in Forex Peace Army. To know what to believe and what not to believe.

Among FPA scam cases, there is that story of Sigma Forex broker. First, the story starts with Felix claiming that SigmaForex and ForexGen are the both under different name. Then, he gradually runs to the stage that SigmaForex is linked to ForexGen. And at last, the story is concluded, as usual, with a scam case of stealing one of their client's money.

And here you are the story in brief,

FPA scam investigations committee has received a complaint from someone called, Hossam Park. He was a client at Sigma Forex who opened an account with $2500 and after making profits, Sigma Forex refused to withdraw his money, and suspended his account and, moreover "ceased communicating with him". The reason FPA mentioned why Sigma Forex has suspended Hossam's account was that "they changed their margin requirements on September 19th and that the trades were closed due to these new requirements. They said “our aim was to protect our account holders from any danger that may affect their investments.”

The only comment should be written here is 'No Comment'. How a broker could change part of its policy and close all the trades without any concern of the traders or any alert for them. How can a broker ignore its clients easily and damage its business in this simple way. And what is really amazing here is that Sigma Forex could close Hossam's positions at the same price he got profits but this time he was losing. Oh, the luck was really so close to the broker that in two days they could make their client's profit turn into loss at the same price, meaning as if he didn't make profits at all.

Then, FPA ended the case or the story with a happy end this time. Seems like the director, Felix, wishes to make a happy ending movie this time, getting bored of all black ends done before. At last, Sigma Forex returns Hossam's money back and they are healed by FPA committee. Impossible as it is, isn't it? For the first time some one claimed to be scam becomes pure at the end!

This is significant in itself. First, FPA tried to show that a certain broker is a scam and published its case and let it under investigation. Then, after spotting light on it, they absolved it from being scam. A clear direct propaganda for themselves and it is clear in the comments made there, all members made the comments are praising FPA and Felix. They are trying to prove that they are the eyes and hands of justice, that whenever the opposite of something is proved they will admit it if it is against their will. Innocent as they are! But in the side scene, their dark ethics are glowing.

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