Thursday, July 31, 2008

Scammers Till The End

"What a strange world! Humans will remain attacking each others as if they are from different race."

As a continuous fact of Felix's argument about gangs and scammers, he is always in search for every new to attack and impose his evil power over it. But would this be with non-stop? Isn't it more than enough? What does he need more? What would happen more than that?

Every day we hear a new case about Felix, "someone steals $1000, 000 from some other, take care of this company it is a SCAM, please help me return my money back, etc…" And the irony of situation here is that every time there is a proof against Felix and his fake community Forex Peace Army, but little can see. But what really matters here are those Newbies who are still new to this huge community, FOREX, and who don't know but very little about the history of those bastards. How they can understand the evil intentions of Felix and his comrades? How they would know his black history? How they would know that Felix is not an American citizen as he claims, but he is Russian, and that Pharoh, his companion in FPA, is himself Robert Grepsy who aids him in many crimes at the past and who still accompanies him in his fake scam cases. And how they would know about Felix's dream of abolishing all Forex leaders to stay alone on the top, and that Forex Diamonds is one of Felix's projects to remain as competent against ALL!

Of course all of you are waiting for the new case released by Felix, The Illusionist. Felix and his FPA team have discovered, as usual, a new version that is applicable to their definition of scams. As every Managed Accounts Company, Legend Trader has its own rules and terms of services that every client must follow. Felix takes two of their rules against them. Legend Trader makes number of types of insurance as part of an agreement to manage Forex accounts. There are 2 parts to this insurance. The first was allegedly to protect Legend Trader from clients running off without paying the percentage of profits that would be considered account management fees. Another part of the insurance was an “Exotic Options Contract” that would somehow miraculously protect the account holder’s opening balance against any losses.

This is the nature of any financial corporation, each puts its rules and the client has to agree, they do not hide their rules and surprise their clients with them at the end, everything is clear from the beginning.

There in Forex Peace Army, they claim a trader's name who is supposed to send them their case, there is written:

"Bodgan tells us that account balance of $10,000 initially went up about 40%, and then lost about $7000 in less than one week. Since the initial balance was not supposed to be touched once he was 5% in profit, we find that this violated the terms of his agreement with Legend Trader. After several other unprofitable trades did even more damage to the account. Bogdan complained. At that point, Legend Trader made him their Sales Rep for Europe and promised him commissions from any new traders he brought in to compensate him while they tried to make up for the losses. We find offering someone commissions to bring new business to a company that has just proven itself to not follow basic rules to risk management to be highly suspicious. Bogdan repeatedly asked Khalid Alam Chowdhury to use the insurance policy to recover his losses. Khalid’s last offer before breaking off communications was that the insurance could recover about one-half of the losses and would take some time to exercise."

And they continue adding that:

"Soulfriend tells a very similar story. He paid the same $3500 up front, and then LegendTrader went against all normal rules of account management, lost about $7000 in one day. Then there were suddenly excuses, delays, and failure to reply about using the insurance to recover his initial investment."

And concerning their trials to solve these problems, as their claims of being Peace Angels, they write:

"Finally, our member soulfriend tells us that he finally managed to call Khalid and that Khalid hung up on him when he tried to ask about his account."

And as usual comes the tragic end and Legend Trader is dragged under Forex Peace Army BLACK LIST without any approval of those complaints or of that call which was "hung up". And as it is their mission to help those subdued traders, all what they can do is to write "We extend our deepest sympathies" and warn others from being trapped again as those devised victims. The end, of course it will be open and you who should decide how it would be.

The End…

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